Wow Tapes发布唯美大气旅拍《意大利之旅》Italia视频欣赏

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热爱自己的家乡-这个你每天生活其中的地方,这个不出国就不会倍加想念的地方- 却不知如何表达?最简单有效的办法就是来一次“环游祖国大好河山”的旅行。

Wow Tapes发布唯美大气旅拍《意大利之旅》Italia视频欣赏

片子的作者就是意大利人,花了6周时间,驾着一辆小破车,从南边的西西里岛出发,一路向北直至阿尔卑斯山。沿途发现了日常生活中没有见识到的美好。意大利国土像一只大靴子,从南到北的气候风光变化无穷,作者说:“感觉经过了20多个不同的国家,却一点也没有游客的生份感觉。”创意网小编特意百度了下这部片子的发布者应该是属于Wow Tapes团队,专注摄影作品后期制作成视频的团队。


2x Sony A7SII
1x Sony A7S
1x Sony A6300 w/ Ikelite 
1x Canon 600D
4x 每天4碗意面
Samyang Prime Set
Canon 24-105 f4
1x DJI Mavic
1x DJI Phantom 3
1x Zhiyun Crane
1x Manfrotto Slider




How were we supposed to film Italia?
Our biggest love, our weak point, our shame and our pride?
The place we live everyday, the very same one that slaps us in the face everytime we take a step outside of home, the one we can't get enough of.
In October 2016, we decided to drop everything and leave for a 6-week trip around Italia, from Sicily to the Alps, on a 1981 "Are you crazy, it's never gonna make it" van.
What we've found was incredible. An indescribable variety of landscapes and habits for such a small land, that it truly felt like we were crossing 20 different countries at once, yet no where we felt like tourists. 
So once again, how could we possibly film that?


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